RSR Global Celebrating 20 Years in Automotive

Burlington, ON, July 7, 2018 – Today marks the twentieth year in business for RSR Global. On July 7, 1998, the company formed under the name Roy Speed & Ross Ltd.

The formative first number of years for the company was built on the success of its flagship brand GLOBALi, and its leader Karey Davidson, President and CEO. “This milestone really does make me proud,” says Davidson. “We have persevered and grown and I have to credit the hundreds of loyal dealer customers and amazing staff that surround me, most of which have been with me now over ten years, some longer.”

The first two years required some hard work and really digging in to find the early adopters of a new and innovative F&I offering. Working across Canada, Karey and her team began building momentum one dealer at a time. GLOBALi became the status quo, in theft deterrent product offering having it’s unique theft identification branding labels installed on well over five million vehicles in Canada.

In 2009 turbulence struck the auto sector across the board. Dealers were closing and cutting costs nation-wide, forcing RSR to be nimble. The company had to adapt, and it did, it had to become more efficient at servicing its national dealer network and it had to diversify. The company and its top product, GLOBALi, were forced to modernize in order to keep pace with new technologies, and the new realities of the dealer landscape.

When the company re-branded in 2012 to RSR Global it launched an entire suite of F&I dealer solutions.

“Our greatest strength at RSR, has been the ability to change and make moves that work in parallel with industry needs,” says Davidson. “It certainly is the entrepreneurial atmosphere and attitude within this organization that has allowed us to adapt at the right times, using the right ideas.”

Earlier this year RSR continued to grow its diversity and set of solutions launching its sister company OGI Digital (Online Guided Intelligence). OGI was established to come outside the F&I office and into the realm of dealer online marketing, research and buying solutions.

“My personal growth in business is a result of the success of this company,” says Davidson. “My team, my family and also TEC, a business leaders group that I belong to have all helped me immensely to grow into my role”. Davidson says that her membership in TEC, which is not specific to the auto industry, has provided her with contacts and taught her how to evolve in business in general.

“We look forward to the next two decades of helping dealers protect drivers.”