GLOBALi has Paid Over $30 Million Dollars in Auto Theft Claims Across Canada

March 10th, 2020, Burlington, ON – GLOBALi provider RSR Global, has officially paid more than $30 million dollars in vehicle theft claims to consumers and dealers across Canada. Well over five million VINs have been registered in the GLOBALi database representing a large percentage of the vehicles on our roads today.

Typically, each individual claim receives a $4,000 payout from the GLOBALi program, on top of the auto theft victim’s primary auto insurance claim. This means, that since inception in 1998, GLOBALi has processed approximately 7,500 claims, over 350 per year, which is almost one per day. The program has paid approximately $3 million of its total claims direct to dealers for lot claims and $27 million in claims to consumers.

“This is a milestone that we are very proud of. It is so important to offer dealers a solution to market that provides real, actual value back to the consumer. This is hard proof of the value of what we have been providing for the past 22 years,” says Karey Davidson, President and CEO, RSR Global. “We are also very proud to have helped and continue to help so many Canadian victims get through the stress resulting from auto theft,” she adds.

All VIN’s are accessible by law enforcement and customs officials across Canada. GLOBALi offers the only national VIN database tied directly to law enforcement, which greatly increases the instances of successful recovery of stolen vehicles.

“The success and growth of GLOBALi theft deterrent program is no surprise to me. Being the coordinator of an annual police conference pertaining to advanced auto theft, I hear firsthand from police officers and customs officials just how valuable this tool is in the fight against the epidemic of auto theft,” says Jeff Davis, President of VIN Consulting Inc. “As a former vehicle examiner for the Peel Regional Police, we welcome every advantage and tool available in order to combat the growing problem of auto theft. I utilize the GLOBALi vehicle recovery network for its convenience in providing the ability to examine and verify the legitimacy of vehicles weekly at auction,” he adds.

In addition, auto body trade is becoming an area of concern for reusing parts that had been originally designated as scrap and damaged beyond repair. Portions of the vehicle that utilize GLOBALi markings assist examiners in determining the origin of replacement parts reducing the chance of insurance fraud.

The GLOBALi program has been earning the trust and loyalty of both single point and dealer groups across Canada as well as law enforcement, since the late 90’s. The solution proves to be a formidable retention tool for dealers as affected customers are required to return to the original selling dealer to apply the reimbursement benefit towards the purchase of a new vehicle.

GLOBALi places unique theft ID labels on multiple locations of a vehicle which are registered to the true VIN of the vehicle. This database allows law enforcement to trace the unique theft ID number on the vehicle back to the owner, by using a frequency specific ultra-violet light.

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